Essay: Best platform for marketers over the internet

Essay: Best platform for marketers over the internet
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The concept of marketing has evolved over the time while using different platforms to offer products and services to the public. Initially the dynamics of marketing were different as far as advertising and publicity is concerned.

Mediums like newspaper, television, radio, print media and other traditional channels are now considered less effective, though very useful to some marketers even today. Marketing is later evolved using the internet. Today, internet has become a necessity; people seek information through internet and get in-depth insights on products and services. The best platform for marketers over the internet was initially web 1.0. There were different portals such as Britannica Online, Akamai, Personal websites, screen scrapping and others. Advertisers initially used many of these web portals to promote their products and services. Later, the web is evolved into web 2.0 with portals like Google AdSense, Flickr, Napster, facebook and may other computing features were transformed to a much better form. Companies are now considering this as an effective channel for marketing buzz. However, it was initially not a common choice for many browsers around the globae (Oreilly 2007).

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