Essay: Platonism and Christianity

Essay: Platonism and Christianity
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The main similarity among Platonism and Christianity is that none of the two accept life on the basis of its beauty. Both consider something to be wrongly understood or are incomplete or not right in this realism that we claim to be human and consequently observe things in a pessimistic context (Bailey 712). When Socrates was on his deathbed he mentioned that he has to sacrifice his life for curing him of the sinful life. The question rises, how that individual who holds this view can be considered as good.

Noticeably, everybody who is living has to bear existence up until the occasion that death actually occurs, so given its inexorableness, one has a opt out either hatred and dislike every instant of it, or one can choose to clinch all it is and all it is not as evenly stunning (Girard 1166).

European thought has endeavored thoroughly to differentiate among what actually is what it seems to be, what has not happened as yet and what was but is no longer. This has been seen since its inception, yet the initial philosophers have already illustrated that in this world, truth does not exist and this seems to be a very sumptuous practice (Girard 1163). On the other hand, as humans, we are continuously facing an impulsive sensory occurrence in which things ceaselessly come into view and vanish. This understanding, again and again, entangles us in misconception among what we see and our hands do not sense, and how what we see is perceived differently from another.

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