Essay: Playing with the Perception of the Audience in the Film

Essay: Playing with the Perception of the Audience in the Film
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In the film The Birds Hitchcock advanced the methodology of cross cutting between two scenes. Using this method Hitchcock artificially creates tension in an iconic scene by employing not only a medium shot but also playing with the perceptions of the audience. The scene follows the main character of Melanie in a jungle gym while she is waiting for her children. As this is happening birds begin to ominously inhabit the area around her. Rather than offering shorter shots which can establish a rhythm and reveal if more birds have appeared.

Hitchcock focuses on the main character for an extended period of time, who is ironically taking her time enjoying a cigarette. The long passage of time plays on the perceptions of the viewers regarding the birds, who when revealed are in much greater number and prepared to strike (Derry p.36-7).

While it is true that the film on its surface fulfills all the tenants of a horror or disaster movie, it is also true that beneath the need to create anticipation within the audience there is also rich cinematic narrative which is truly essential to the effect of the overall film. In order to accomplish this feat the audience whether consciously or unconsciously must form a connection with the characters on screen and see them as real people rather than the actors who portray them. While much of the films focus is on the attacks perpetrated by the birds.

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