Essay: What is Pneumonia

Essay: What is Pneumonia
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Pneumonia is a lung infection disease caused by many germs such as virus, bacteria and fungi. The infection is severe in infants and older people and also those with weak immune systems especially people living with the HIV and Aids virus.

Pneumonia can be classified depending on how and when it’s acquired, the area of the lung affected and also by the causative agent. Types of pneumonia include, community acquired aspiration, lobar pneumonia, bronchial pneumonia, acute interstitial pneumonia and healthcare associated. Before antibiotics were discovered almost one third of the people with pneumonia died from the disease. Currently however, the discovery of antibiotics has seen the number of patients who die of pneumonia drastically reduce to almost 5 % of over half a million of people admitted in hospitals. In the United States, pneumonia is the sixth leading cause of death and severely affects infants and the elderly (Schiffman, 2009). The following discourse lays down the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia.

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