Essay: Poisoning Kids for Lunch

Essay: Poisoning Kids for Lunch
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The importance of school lunch cannot be ignored as when children are hungry their abilities can be affected in the school (When Kids Show Up Hungry, 2000). Hunger is ‘related to lower test scores, behavorial problems, tardiness, and absentism’ and the children who ‘complain of stomachaches and headaches are actually experiencing symptoms of hunger’ (When Kids Show Up Hungry, 2000, p.39).

Various schools are recommended to use the ‘National School Lunch Program’ to provide food to the children belonging to the ‘low income’ groups (When Kids Show Up Hungry, 2000, p.39). Children are prone to various diseases as a result of consumption of the food that is provided to the children which does not meet ‘nutritional standards’ set by the health departments (Kennedy & Quick).

The schools ‘have an obligation to serve healthy food’ and it is a surprising fact that in the history of the U.S. the number of diseases as a consequence of unhealthy food has increased to an extreme level which has arised heated debates concerning how to improve the condition of serving food in the schools (Kennedy & Quick, 2003).

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