Essay: Police Department of Seattle

Essay: Police Department of Seattle
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Is the agency a “Community Policing” agency? If yes, what percentage in your opinion? If not, why not? If yes, list the Community Policing strategies and/or programs or initiatives.

The Seattle Police Department can be considered a Community Policing Agency by up to 50%. It runs a number of Community Policing program such as Block Watch Program, Community Police Academy, Demographic Advisory Councils, Precinct Advisory Councils, Victim Support Team Volunteers and the federally initiated Weed and Seed Program (Seattle Police Department).

8. What are the areas of assignments of the sworn personnel, the geographic beats, such as districts, zones, etc.?

The Seattle Police Website describes the patrolling of Seattle as “Seattle is divided areas five geographic areas called “Precincts”. These areas are called the North, East, South, West and Southwest Precincts, and each are served by a police station. Precinct boundaries were determined through consideration of neighborhood boundaries, geographic and other natural boundaries. Each precinct is divided into 17 smaller geographic areas called Sectors. Each of these Sectors are divided into between 3 smaller sections called Beats (i.e. Ocean sector has three beats O1, O2, O3) these are the areas that individual patrol officers are assigned responsibility for” (Seattle Police Department).

9. How are sworn personnel deployed time wise (staffing)? (I.e. sworn personnel work 5/8s, 4/10’s, or 3/12’s.

Sworn personnel of the Seattle Police Department work in 9 hours shift with four days work and two days off (Seattle Police Department).

10. A. What employee union or bargaining union’s does the agency have for sworn? Do not list credit unions.

B. What Union or bargaining union (s) represents civilian personnel? (Examples of some unions: PBA, FOP, CWA, GSA, etc.) (Don’t answer “police union”. Do not list credit unions.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild is the largest union that represents all sworn officers and sergeants. It also has Retired Seattle Police Officers’ Association, Seattle Police Management Association and JCC – Teamsters, Local 117 chapters. The civilian employees are represented by Washington State Council of County & City Employees and Seattle Police Dispatchers’ Guild as well as IFPTE, Local 17 chapters (Seattle Police Department).

11. A. Are sworn personnel assigned to the same area for any period of time (3mo/6mo/year)?

B. How do personnel change work areas, (i.e. shift bid, seniority, etc.)

All Police officers of the Seattle Police Department are required to spend their first three years as patrol officers. Only then they become eligible for transfer to other areas. All Police officers of the Seattle Police Department are required to spend their first three years as patrol officers. Only then, they become eligible for transfer to other areas. Within their time as petrol officers as well a transfer request can be made for a different precinct, watch or squad. This is done through departmental memo submitted to the section commander through the chain of command. The Section Commander, then advices the Police Officer to submit a Personnel Transfer Justification/Request, when the transfer is imminent.  (Seattle Police Department).

12. Hierarchy of (sworn) personnel – List the ranks of the Agency from top to bottom, i.e. Director or Chief, Special agent or Ofc., Sgt., Lt., Capt., etc. IN ORDER OF THE RANK (from top to bottom).

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