Essay: Policy Violators

Essay: Policy Violators
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Policy Violators are well aware of the fact that they should be taken into account as soon as possible. Policy violations should be handled by some descriptions in some good literature about internet use policy. An institution’s network can be suspended at anytime if any network failure occurs (FDU).

This policy is intended for the use in institutions and further amendments can also be made in order to make the policy strongest in terms of all the aspects. Knowing that internet has many advantages pertaining to the success and growth of a company but there are some potential disadvantages too as it reduces an employee’s focus from work at times. The internet usage at workplace should be well defined and controlled so that the employees would know their limitations themselves. Internet usage invites a man to waste time and its usage has so many dimensions with which he can get engaged in his domestic works like billing and shopping. Else than that there are chat and personal emails and most dangerous of all is gambling and online pornography; which can lead the network vulnerable to threats and attacks easily (Taillon).

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