Essay: Political Reform in Communist China

Essay: Political Reform in Communist China
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But what of political reform in communist China? Most see this as the start of China’s environmental predicament where after the appointment of Mao to presidency (after the cultural revolution), China started its so called war against nature. With this shift from small regional based colonialism (which still saw strife between feudal regional elites) to full scale communism, Mao and the newly formed communist party sought to alleviate China from its years of humiliation at the hands of imperialist powers by making itself more self sufficient, and in effect, regain strength as a world power.

With this motion came a series of massive militarization campaigns in an effort to protect China from perceived threats abroad. Even the environment was seen as an enemy or obstacle which the country was to overcome (mimicking early Confucian beliefs) as Maoism aimed towards the separation of man and nature. Throwing off the shackles of western scientific ideology, the Mao regime adopted a very humanistic outlook towards the environment, regarding it as a utility existing solely for the betterment of man. Though this attitude was vested in many communist bodies throughout Central and Eastern Europe as well, they were primarily concerned with industrial development, where China’s main concern lied in over militarization.

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