Essay: Use of Pooling for Memory Management

Essay: Use of Pooling for Memory Management
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Semi-automatic memory management technique ‘pooling’ comprises of processing stages of a program and the memory is assigned to only specific stages of the processing. This slice of paper contains a detailed analysis of this technique.

Pros and Cons of Pooling Technique

Strengths and downsides of memory pooling technique are discussed here.

Garbage Collection technique for Memory Management

This is an automatic memory management technique. When threshold of available memory is crossed downwards then the garbage collectors execute their functions. Its function gets started in an order of a stack where they clear up registers, variables and data from the base and every connected object. There are numerous types of garbage collectors like copying, mark and sweep, incremental, and incremental plus conservative collectors.


Pros and Cons of Garbage Collector

Strengths and downsides of garbage collection technique are discussed here.

Overview of Memory Management Techniques when incorporated by Programming Languages

This section gives an idea about the actual usage of these techniques by different languages (e.g. C, C#, C++, Java, and Perl etc.), systems (e.g. UNIX, Mac, Windows etc.), and database servers (e.g. APACHE servers).

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