Essay: Use of Pooling for Memory Management

Essay: Use of Pooling for Memory Management
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Memory pools are yet another kind of memory management technique used by some programming languages. Semi-automation of memory management is done by memory pooling as well. Processing stages of a program incorporate memory management and the memory is assigned to only specific stages of the processing (Bartlett, 2004).

ACM’s conference ISMM also discussed about memory pooling that it has supported immensely in splitting the data and hence a framework known as MPADS i.e. memory pooling assisted data splitting. The framework is not inserting padding bits rather it trusts on analysis of pointer for safe data splitting. The framework also supports writing of type-unsafe languages. Totally ignoring type safety it analyses on detection of such cases which ultimately results in a mess making incorrect code (ACM SIGPLAN, 2008).

Making the data structure efficient in a compiler would obviously help to decrease the number of instructions which results in optimized program code and efficient time. This might also be very helpful in analyzing and altering the architectural details of a system while making changes in data allocation. This framework is also helpful if activated for release of bandwidth and cache space in hardware pre-fetch streams. On some points interference between the cores in modern processors while passing the data is trimmed down through some of the pre-fetching streams.

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