Essay: Positive HGC Urine Test

Essay: Positive HGC Urine Test
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As for HCG while it is true that when a woman gets pregnant the levels of HCG increase and eventually reach a peak where they can be detected in urine. It should be noted that just because HCG is detected in urine it does not reflect the amount of HCG in blood. So a positive HCG urine test does not necessarily mean that a woman is pregnant. If your wife is taking HCG injections to help with the pregnancy it can cause a false positive meaning a positive result without a pregnancy. Another possibility is in the case where the egg was fertilized but does not survive 14 days after fertilization takes place and finally if the instructions are not followed properly and the test is left for too long it can cause a false positive as well.

The test can be done 22 or 23 days after the start of the menstrual cycle. In order to do the test, it is important to urinate in the morning when the HCG levels are the highest. This test can detect HCG levels 6 days before a missed period so it is more sensitive to the hormone. One must be careful since this also creates a greater chance of false positives even though they are rare. There are other tests as well which can be done and are more accurate ( Church and Dwight Co., 2010).

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