Essay: Possibility of a Takeover of Human Race

Essay: Possibility of a Takeover of Human Race
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While the discussion on the merits and demerits of a technological singularity has been very active since the concept was first presented, there has also been a discussion on the very thesis on which the concept of Singularity is based, that the computers will be able to think. Researchers who have conducted their work on this topic have come up with a number of points of views in this regard and have also given their opinion on the possibility of a takeover. For many researchers and futurologists, such as Dr. Kurzweil, the idea of an independent, self-sustaining, more powerful than human’s intelligence is a real possibility.

They bring forward arguments such as technology following the Moore law and that fact that AI technologies have become advanced enough to simulate the intelligence equal to that of a spider, while in the future the pace of the development will allow them to move up the ladder of intelligence faster than they have been in the past.  However, on the other hand, a large number of researchers such as Dr. Searle believe that even though the processing and storage capacity of the computer may get beyond that of a human brain, the simulation of intelligence on the computer is a totally different matter.

This would involve factors such as complexity and completeness of the Artificial Intelligence algorithms, which still have to go a very long way in order to be considered for use in such applications, thus making the possibility of computers being able to think very remote. It should also be considered that the basic criterion for a computer to have the capability of thinking is the Turing Test which was designed by Alan Turing in 1950. The minimum processing power required for a computer to pass this test has been estimated to be 20 million billion calculations per second or 100 million instructions per second. In other words, this represents the processing power of the brain which is significantly higher than the most powerful computer of today and highlights the technological as well as speed difference which the computers need to cover in order to be considered equivalent of human brains.

However, it is also important to highlight that only the estimate of the processing power of the computer is insufficient to claim that computers will be equally intelligent as human brains. Equally efficient and much faster algorithms, as well as supporting programs, will have to be developed in order to take full advantage of the computer’s speed and processing capabilities in order to stimulate the thinking process of the human brain. The development techniques and process for these algorithms and programs follow a different path of evolution and may not follow the same speed as the evolution of computers, hence it also remains to be seen whether the development of such algorithms and programs occur or not and even if it does, then when does it occur.  On the other hand, many researchers’ possess a totally different thought on this matter. According to one opinion, the processing capabilities of humans and computers cannot be compared at all with each other. That is because of the fact that the human brain and computers are built on a totally different structure and operate in a totally different environment.

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