Essay: Poster art in California

Essay: Poster art in California
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Social issues critical to the Chicano communities have been the main source of powerful graphics that were created by numerous artists on posters that were displayed anywhere on the walls, poles or any empty surface. These posters were used by artists to reflect unconstructive typecasts, or reflect unsafe conditions for laborers or even the unfair and unequal immigration policies for the Chicanos. These artists have instilled the poster with outstanding metaphors and imagery to vibrantly commune social messages and enlightening pleasure[1].

The poster art was a primary form of expression to portray the cultural scenario existing for Chicano communities in the entire America. This formed a major part of the Chicano civil rights association of the 1960s. In smaller communities, Chicano artists started to falsely implicate individuality for them in order to overcome chauvinism and stereotyping. These communities included Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco. These posters were produced by centros. This production formulated a chance for artists to expand and mirror their talents exterior to the conservative galleries and museums. The groups also were a source of motivation for young age Chicanos to learn and develop art careers.

[1] Griffith, 21

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