Essay: Preamble to the concept of Mobility

Essay: Preamble to the concept of Mobility
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The concept of mobility is defined as the movement of individuals between location and geographical space. In the case of mobile telecommunications, the concept of shifting cultural notions of geographical space is certainly evident. Mobile technologies are turned to be exceptionally common among the people since they allow them to communicate with their family members or colleagues at any time and from any place. Therefore, the mobile technologies are now promoted as the devices that significantly transcend the geographical limitations and distances that emerge due to geographical differences between residing area and workplace. For this reasons the researchers that are concentrated on mobile technologies have considered geographical dimensions as the potential factor of the inquiry. Grab custom-written essays from such topics and much more!

The advancements in technologies that have led to the development of telecommunication devices that do not require physical connect have fostered the re-evaluation of the concepts of mobility, presence, distance, and proximity.One preliminary way to approach this re-examination is to take into consideration some of the significant cultural and social changes that have manifested in the Western communities in the period of 20th century. It is also significant to consider the role played by technological advancements in shaping these transformations in relation to both time and space.

From the starting of the sociology, mobility is considered as the core topic of interests for many scholars worldwide. The concept of mobility is chiefly allied with the modern community, particularly with the late modern communities extended across the globe. After decades of being acknowledged as the central driving force of the transformation processes, recently the concept of mobility has turned out to be the core topic for empirical studies. The findings of the empirical studies have verified at least one supposition of numerous theoretical research of late modernity that suggests that women of South Asian countries have turned out be more mobile over the past two decades.

This assumption has lead to the emergence of a range of questions such as what are the impacts of mobility on the quality of the family relations. Majority of the scholars argue that an increase in mobility has given rise to the weakening of family bonds as it obstructs strong binding ties. However, the scholars that acquire an optimistic viewpoint about mobility have focused on the first part of this supposition. They argue that mobility has provided individuals with more freedom and more opportunities to construct social networks as per their personal interests ever across large distances.

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