Essay: Prescribed Employment Criteria

Essay: Prescribed Employment Criteria
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Other examples of problems also refer to failure of proper implementation of these programs. According to Lipscomb, there is unwillingness within companies to follow the prescribed employment criteria and environmental sound measurement. He also finds that American companies are often reluctant to take responsibilities in cases where hearing loss is found for fear of litigation and usually blame such cases on employee incompetence, age or exposure to non-occupational noises (Reid, 2005).

According to an article in Access Economics, the productivity levels in Australia lost due to NIHL diminished capacity can be calculated as losses close to 6.7 billion dollars a year (Allen, Spring 2009).

Despite the implication against such companies, some of their assertions are true.  According to the National Acoustic Laboratories, the primary reason for failure of hearing protection programs is the inability of individuals to wear their hearing protectors, wear them properly or maintain them at a suitable condition (Reid, 2005).

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