Essay: What can be done to Prevent Obesity

Essay: What can be done to Prevent Obesity
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Obesity is turning out to be a perpetual problem with important psychological and physical consequences as well as economic consequences. Accordingly, the deterrence of obesity is now one of the main procedural objectives in America (Hager, 2006). Today, many governments and nongovernment agencies are scattered all over the news about obesity and the problems in health associated with it.  Undoubtedly, U.S. citizens today are familiar with the devastative dangers of obesity. Much development has been made as far as the originality and suppleness of workouts that are uncomplicated enough that each day people can fulfill them.

Efforts have also been made to assist American citizens to produce improved balanced diets by captivating the exact portions of nutritional value to prevent from low nutrition and obesity. However looking around us, we see that American citizens are increasing in number with suffering from the pandemic of obesity, but at the same time, we also see that there are major attempts to improve know how about the dangers of obesity. (Gortmaker et al., 1996)

The figures do not lie, and it is beyond doubt that America has a grave obesity dilemma among its inhabitants. As mentioned above 30.5% of American citizens have been struck with this pandemic, and at the same time over twice these numbers of people are overweight. The lifestyle of these Americans is not the only factor at stake; however, obesity renders numerous health related problems as well including arthritis various heart diseases.

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