Essay: Prevention of Human Papilloma Virus

Essay: Prevention of Human Papilloma Virus
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A study by Oriel regarding the transmission of the virus sexually found that sixty percent of the sexual partners in the study acquired warts though it is not known whether the type contracted caused cancer (Monsonégo, 2006). The most likely way suggested to prevent infection from HPV is a long term monogamous sexual relationship with a partner who has not been infected. The use of condoms do not prevent HPV infections, since parts which are not covered during intercourse can contract the virus.

Vaccines such as Gardasil and Ceravix have now been sanctioned by the United States FDA to minimize the spread of HPV.These two vaccines primarily target HPV types 16 and 18 which have been identified as the major causes of cervical cancer. They have also been shown to be effective against other types such as Gardasil which also prevents types 6 and 11 which are known to cause at least 90% of all genital warts while Cervarix may provide partial protection against other types. Studies are ongoing regarding their effectiveness though to date they have been approved for use in males and females 9 to 26 years of age. They have been known to prevent 70% of cervical cancers overall and 90% of genital warts for up to 4 years from the time of vaccination. They are considered generally safe with minimal or no side effects (National Cancer Institute, 2010).

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