Essay: Primary causes of NIHL

Essay: Primary causes of NIHL
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While it is true that workplace noise may be the primary cause of NIHL, exposure to excessive noise due to recreational devices is also a major risk factor that warrants attention. Such concerns have existed since the creation of home entertainment amplifiers in the 1950s. The current trend of miniaturized personal music players has caused the spread of this hazard throughout the general public.

Additionally, accessibility and popularity of live music, sports, and hunting events may also negate any advantages hearing protection programs established in the workplace. A study by the Australian National Acoustics Laboratory showed that at least 25% of the individuals using personal music players were at risk of developing NIHL from listening to constant music at an excess of 85dB. In 2006 a lawsuit was brought against Apple reasoning that their portable music device the iPod could reach a volume of over 115dB causing damage within 30 seconds of use and was thus manufactured to be defective. In France, this very product is restricted to volumes of 100dB due to compulsory sound regulations established there (Reid, 2005).

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