Essay: Privacy is no Longer a Social Norm

Essay: Privacy is no Longer a Social Norm
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Presentation of the Issue

It is a fact that Internet has taken us by storm. The Internet technologies have not only made it possible for people to communicate with each other easily and cheaply, but it also allows businesses to connect quickly with their client regardless of their location as well as co-ordinate activities between their offices which are geographically apart. Internet has been used worldwide on so widely that it can be considered a part of life of many individuals. The Internet has given birth to several phenomenons since its birth such Internet Relay Chat, Instant messaging services and Blogging websites. However, currently one phenomenon is dominating the Internet, and that is the phenomenon of social networking sites. Social networking sites not only allows for people to connect with each other in a extremely interactive and innovative way, allowing them to express themselves not only through words but through multimedia which include audio, video and images as well (Levine, Young and Baroudi).

Facebook is a social network website that has been transformed into a phenomenon in just after few years of its start. Facebook provides a platform to its users which allow them to collaborate with each other through sharing of knowledge and resources in real-time (Chella). However, being a social networking website, one of the major concerns related to Facebook is privacy and the incomplete control over sharing of private information that is provided to the user. This issue causes unease to Facebook users, as they might not want to share a certain piece of information with their friend and not with general public.

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