Essay: Privacy Issues in Telematics/OnStar

Essay: Privacy Issues in Telematics/OnStar
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The use of vehicular Telematics system such as OnStar also raises questions about its use in the hand of police or other organizations that have control over it. One of the features that are offered by OnStar is of hands free communication. The important fact about this feature is that it can be activated remotely by the service provider and can easily be use to conduct surveillance or stalking on OnStar subscribers (McCullagh, 2003).

This has worried a number of privacy advocates who highlight the fact that the service may be used to exploit innocent customers. The truth about cars website has also highlighted this issue on its website. It states that “On Star’s computer knows where you were, when you were there, and how fast you went. It knows if and when you applied the brakes, if and when the air bags deployed, and what speed you were going at the time. It knows if and when your car was serviced. OnStar operators can determine if you have a passenger in the front seat (airbag detection). … Under certain conditions, OnStar can switch on your GM car’s microphone remotely and record any and all sounds within the vehicle (i.e. conversations).” (Locker, 2008). There have also been serious concerns about the usage of data which is collected by the Event Data Recorder, to be sent to OnStar when need arises. Several misuses of this data has been highlighted in the literature, which includes its use by auto dealers to suggest if their customer has violated the terms and condition and thus warranty of the car, as well as, its use by insurance companies as a basis of their decision for claims.

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