Essay: Privacy Issues on the Internet

Essay: Privacy Issues on the Internet
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On the other hand, after the event of September 11, 2001, Terrorism has seen a tremendous change and it is a fact that terrorist use Internet-based services to co-ordinate their activities. Thus it has become important for security organization of the country to eavesdrop on services like email and VOIP for the purpose of surveillance in order to minimize this threat. Also, activities like fraud and release of confidential information by criminals can not only jeopardize the security of a person but can also create a threat to a country. In these cases, source or origin and all possible information revealed through logs and record, about the criminal can help in the investigation leading to the punishment of the culprit while reducing the threat significantly (Baase).

Due to the privacy issues mentioned above, I do think twice about giving out personal information on the internet. Now, I only trust the website that has a track record of maintaining customer privacy and have an effective framework in place to deal with threats which could lead to the leaking of my personal information without my knowledge or consent. I also maintain a weblog, but I make sure that it contain no or minimum information that can be used to identify me. I also maintain two email address, one which is known only to persons whom I know and trust, while I use the second one generally as it does not have any data or email which contain my private information.

Regarding the solution of privacy issues on the internet, it is believed that these issues can be minimized with proper legislation and security framework, though they cannot be eliminated fully. Regarding the logging of activities of the user, it should be optional, not mandatory. The user should be made aware of any activity which could lead to invasion of privacy. Websites holding private data of their users should take the concern more seriously and allow the user to select which part of their data should be visible to the public. However, the online availability of the data is a threat in itself, as the security can be compromised by exploiting the bugs present in the system on which the data is stored or it can be leaked by somebody. (Baase)

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