Essay: Probation and its effect on Correctional Facilities

Essay: Probation and its effect on Correctional Facilities
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Probation is viewed as an alternative to incarceration by most of probation agencies across the country. The quote basically means what it says; the alternative to being on probation is to be in jail. Although, Probation agencies give offenders the opportunity to rectify their crimes without incarceration they also have strict guidelines to what the offenders can, cannot do.

One way the agencies have set up guidelines to limit further criminal activity by the probationers is through monthly or even weekly drug and toxic screens depending on the individuals offense. The probation officers will test for drugs to keep track of the probationers’ progress as a law abiding citizen. These tests are in most cases called the 5-way drug screen and in severe cases the offender will have to take what is called the 10-panel drug screen which tests for all illegal drugs and over the counter prescriptions. If the probationer were to fail a drug test they would be subject to dismissal from the program and or added time to their previous sentence (Merritt, 2007).

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