Essay: Problem of Sharing the Information

Essay: Problem of Sharing the Information
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Question 3: Consider the problem of sharing information between people in a city centre.  For example, people could share information on traffic congestion, good shopping opportunities, or environmental conditions (pollution).  Choose any two of the opportunistic networking protocols described in the paper Opportunistic Networking: Data Forwarding in Disconnected Mobile Ad Hoc Networks by Pelusi et al .Give a brief explanation of how each of the protocol strategy you selected could be used for this application scenario.  State which protocol would be best for this scenario, giving reasons?

In the given scenario, the sensor nodes could be carried by individuals as part of devices such as watch or mobile phones. If Epidemic Routing is implemented for the given scenario it would work through pair-wise contacts of nodes or individuals. The message would be disseminated from the person who wants to transmits, the infected node, to the next node it comes in contact with. The new “infected” node would forward the message to the next node it comes in contact with and this process would continue until the message has reached its destination. If Shared Wireless Infostation Model (SWIM) routing is implemented, then the node carried by the person, would forward the message to the next it comes in contact with, but the goal of this forwarding would be to deliver the message to a central node, which could be installed on a tall building in the surrounding. This central node would then work to find a way to deliver the destination more easily. The (SWIM) routing is better suited for use in urban congested environments as city centre is a busy place with lots of contacts between people and hence nodes. In the Epidemic Routing, the forwarding of the message is limited to a certain number of hops in order to protect the network from traffic saturation. Too many hops would mean that there would be a significant chance of message not being delivered due to maximum number of hops being reached prior to the delivery of the message. Hence SWIM routing should be preferred (Pelusi, Passarella, & Conti, 2006).

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