Essay: Problem Recognition and Solution

Essay: Problem Recognition and Solution
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When developing a computer program, programmers follow a process which helps them in developing a program that precisely solves the problem for which it was written.  This process is called problem recognition and solution. The process of problem recognition and solution can be divided into 4 phases.  These are analysis and specification phase, algorithm development phase, implementation phase and maintenance phase.  The analysis and specification phase involve evaluation of nature of problem and understanding it in a comprehensive way. A common technique used in the analysis and specification phase is questioning which include questions like what is unknown.

What are the data?  What is the condition? Is it sufficient to determine the unknown?  After going to a thorough evaluation and understanding process, problem specifications are generated which precisely identify what needs to be solved? The analysis and specification phase is followed by Algorithm design phase. This phase involves development of a logical sequence of steps which will is used afterwards to solve the problem specified in the earlier step. Once an algorithm has been developed, it is then tested (followed) in order to verify it if really solves the problem, otherwise, further modifications are made. The implementation phase, which comes after the design phase, involves the conversion of the developed algorithm into a computer program by using a programming language which has been chosen to solve the problem. When the algorithm has been written into the programming language, it is further tested to ensure that the program performs according the requirements and the results given out are correct.  Once the implementation of the algorithm is complete, the maintenance phase begins, in which the program is used and modified according to the changing requirements. Further corrections to any previously undiscovered bugs or errors are also made in this phase (Dale & Lewis, 2006).

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