Essay: The problems associated with different learning styles

Essay: The problems associated with different learning styles
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It becomes very stressful for teachers to adopt different teaching styles for different students. If a person’s nature is such that the person prefers to teach using one style and then has to switch due to lack of effective communication, it may become very difficult for most teachers. On the other hand, students familiar with one style and having to alter their style due to the indifference or incompetence of the teacher also find it highly distressful and de-motivating.

Take for example, Chinese students who are normally more comfortable with rote learning. They might have trouble conceptualizing and understanding various subjects not due to their lack of capability, rather non-familiarity with the western teaching methods. Further compounding the misery of the students is that they are perceived as being “inferior” in terms of their intellectual development by the teacher (who often make it absolutely clear with embarrassing ease how they feel), whereas its mostly the teacher’s own ineptitude that he or she is trying to hide. As Tobias (1990) says: “they’re not dumb, they’re different” (Science for all)

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