Essay: The process of Performance Appraisal

Essay: The process of Performance Appraisal
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The Team Leaders were completely occupied from the start and completely recognized the procedure and the advantages they would obtain from the process (Sillup & Klimberg, 2010, p.42).

  • The cluster included three members who already had knowledge of the process and they taught everyone about the process as to what role they will be playing in this process and their feedbacks will be utilized.
  • The next step involved review of team leaders by their managers and sub ordinates who directly reported to them.
  • In case of the clusters which involved agents, the managers took the opportunity to randomly select the agents in order to bring about a mix of new and older agents with totally diverse jobs at hand.
  • Once the feedback process was completed, each team leader was handed over their analysis in order for them to study it before their meeting with their consultant after a week. The consultant or mentor would then upon meeting them, tell them the areas they need to work on and what steps they could take in order to improve their performance.
  • A formal development plan was deduced which they can further discuss with their boss in order to bring in more improvement.

The managers persistently worked along with their leaders and to actually help them work according to their action plan. The managers also determinedly carried out the 360-degree feedback on themselves to progress their associations with the team leads and enhance their understanding of what they actually do.

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