Essay: The First Processor

Essay: The First Processor
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For performance boost it is assumed that larger the cache size enhanced will be the performance. The first processor with L2 cache had the size of about 256 kilobytes or 512 kilobytes so it had a considerable amount of performance benefits over some other processors where the cache memory was embedded into the motherboard. There is a huge variety of processors with small cache and large caches.

For many years, it did not make any difference whether they have bigger cache or smaller, obviously any processor with smaller one would not have been that expensive. The latest range of processors has one which is offered in three diverse cache savors. Another processor came up with 256 kilobytes cache in its first version and with 512 kilobytes. Then in some processors 1-megabyte cache was introduced and 2 megabytes in the second version (Schmid, Does Cache Size Really Boost Performance?:What Is The Impact Of Cache Size?).

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