Essay: Product Range of PepsiCo

Essay: Product Range of PepsiCo
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Although PepsiCo has an expanded product range, it depends most importantly on the revenue received from sale of fizzy drinks. The corporation offers diversity of fizzy drink products in this marketplace and is the subsequent major participant in the US imposing around 40 percent of the share in the market. Thus, dilapidated expansion tendency of fizzy drinks utilization in the US is probable to have a pessimistic brunt on its monetary presentation (Murray, 2006).


PepsiCo’s aptitude to create, move about and put up their products for sale is vital to its achievement. Disturbance to its industrialized or sharing capacity due to company lockouts and labor strikes could damage its capability to produce or trade its products. Lately the company’s built-up processes have been subjected to disruption due to the labor disputes. If the company needs long term growth and profitability, it must concentrate on the energy drinks and the chips sector. Like, 2004, it has been seen that customers are longing more for these products rather than carbonated or fizzy drinks.

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