Essay: IT Professionals

Essay: IT Professionals
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Besides, the unavailability of antivirus software for free, there are other issues as well which keep the threat of viruses intact. All these issues are directly or indirectly related to the network security which includes huge losses such as Knowledge Theft, Worms, Virus, Malware, Spyware, Other Intrusions, Lack of User and Vendor Trust, Unavailability of Business, Loopholes caught and used by the Hackers in new technology, and Security Legislation (Cisco Systems Inc., 2005).

It has been observed that people’s perceptions always differ, be it anything. Similarly these virus threats are also taken differently by the people belonging to different schools of thought. For example observation of IT professionals and end users about the spam differ highly. Spam is no problem for end users while IT people see them as a huge risk. The opinions differ because the end users might not be having much problem in their operations, while IT people who are controlling the actual flow of those processes have a clear view of coming hurricane of spams and they then worry about handling them which would take most of their time. But both of them declare these as long-term catastrophe which would always try to infect them soon enough (Gaudin, 2004).

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