Essay: Project Human Resource Management

Essay: Project Human Resource Management
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This area of knowledge contains processes which are required for managing human resource and to make the most effective use of them. Human resource management has an important impact on the success and failure of a project. Project human resource processes relate to the project manager’s duty on selection of sources, obtaining of staff and performance analysis. These processes are sequential and output of one process in input for the next process. There are three processes which are part of this knowledge area.

Organization Planning

This process is used to define the project roles, responsibility and reporting relationship of the project team. It is also used to define the number of staff required, develop costing information and assumptions, when the staff are needed and for how long and any special that is required by the staff.

The planning of human resources helps in the establishing the skill set by which the project manager will hire the teams. Bill signifies the importance of identifying the skill set in the interview by mentioning that identifying people who can understand the business problem is as important as identifying people with technical skills.

Staff Acquisition

Staff acquisition process is used to obtain staff for the project and orienting them to the project. The process identifies potential sources of recruitment, skills and activities to be used by recruiters and selection process for the project team.

By using the staff acquisition process, the project manager identify the presence of  skill set that are identified with the help of planning phase in the probable candidates and makes selection of the team that will work on the project. With regards to staff acquisition process, Bill says that it gives a good idea of how a candidate would interact with others and helps identify optimistic and productive approach of candidates to the project (Mishra, 2007).

Team Development

The team development process provides for improving competencies, team interaction and overall team performance of the team. Bill mentions the importance of team development interview by saying that a successful project manager should be able to motivate and facilitate the project team. He also signifies the importance of improving competencies and team interaction by saying that those projects on which the exposure of project team is limited or there is a communication gap within the team are bound to fail.

Project Scope Management

Processes included in Project Scope Management area are necessary to ensure that all the work, and only the work, required to complete the project is included in the project (PMI, 2008). Its processes are used to provide information on what work is needed for project completion, what is included in the project and what is not (Phillips, 2006). It consists of following processes


The process of initiation can defined as a gating process where a formal authorization is obtained to take the project to next stage by demonstrated alignment of project deliverables with goals and objectives of the business unit for which the project is being made. The output of this process is called a project charter which gives authority to project manager to initiate work on the project.

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