Essay: Project Plan Execution

Essay: Project Plan Execution
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This process is the primary process for carrying out the project plan. It is directly affected by the application area or the project because the products are produced by this process. This process is dependent on the result of excellent creation of a project plan. Apart from a project plan, other aspects are taken into consideration as well such as organized policies, preventive action and corrective action (Turner, 2008).

The execution of project plan is critical to the importance of project completion. By executing project plan, a project manager put into effect the project plan and leads to the successful completion of the product. Bill signifies this by mentioning that the best thing about IT Project Management is taking the concept to completion.

Overall Change Control

This process is concerned with controlling factors which create changes in order to ensure that changes are agreed upon by all stakeholders. It is also concerned with managing the changes and determining if a change has occurred.

Change control process defines a procedure which enables the project manager to take decision on matters such as additional resources which could be required at any stage in the project. In an answer to a question regarding capabilities of the project team he signifies that Bill mentions the options made available through change control such a further retraining of project team or hiring additional resources (Phillips, 2006).

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