Essay: Project Plan for Selling Surplus Houses

Essay: Project Plan for Selling Surplus Houses
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The project of selling surplus homes to offset investment losses provides an overview of the project including the needs of implementing the project with the objectives and goals of the project. The project will provide the schedule and breakdown of the project and different phases of the project will be highlighted through Gantt, CPM and PERT charts. The project identifies the budget and resource considerations and team communication requirements during the project.

Needs Identification

The contracting business was started with high amounts of initial investment and the rate of investment is expected to remain high throughout the next year. The investment losses will impact the business quite significantly if an approach is not implemented to control or offset these losses. In order to curtail these investment losses a strategy has to be implemented to offset these investment losses. One of the feasible alternatives is to sell more houses during the next year to offset these investment losses and the project is implemented considering this alternative.

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