Essay: Advantages of Software Project Telemetry Usage

Essay: Advantages of Software Project Telemetry Usage
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This essay talks about advantages of software project telemetry usage.

The use of Software Project Telemetry allows for an incremental, distributed and experiential approach to project decision making. For example, Software telemetry data that is used to monitor the complexity and defect-density telemetry values allows for detection and corrective action to be taken in case an increase in both values is found.

Furthermore, further analysis of these variables can also be used to detect any side effects on other variables. Software Project Telemetry also allows for decentralized project management as it permits all members of a project to access the data, thus helping both developers and managers to participate in the management activities. It also has an interesting relationship with Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) and Agile Model. In the CMMI model, while moving up CMM, it is important to instrument the project in order to maintain object quality. The lifecycle assessments of both the process and intermediate products have to be integrated into the process using well-defined metrics. The ability of Software Project Telemetry to perform just that means, that it is highly suited to the CMMI process improvement vision. On the other hand, Agile methodology put emphasis on the responsiveness to change rather than traditional approaches which emphasize conformance to a plan. Hence, a conflict exist as both managers and executives want flexibility, but still measure the success based on conformance to plan. Software Project Telemetry offers advantage here as it provides for a measurement infrastructure that is not focused on successful completion of a plan but on products and process measurements that facilitate improvement as well as adaptation (Johnson, Kou and Paulding).

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