Essay: The Prophet of Islam

Essay: The Prophet of Islam
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The prophet of Islam, Mohammad (P.B.U.H) preached the unchangeable doctrine that only piety can be said to assure the road to Heaven. Even the son of any prophet would not be granted the grace of God until he abides by the rule of God.

The message of Mohammad (P.B.U.H) centers on the grace and mercy of God. Although he also preached God’s message in which He ushered that whatever illness is brought upon the human beings is owing to their own faults, hence man is responsible for his own deeds and if he follows the word of God he can be redeemed and the gate of pardon and redemption is left open until the demise of men. Augustine also did not deny the reality of human freedom and never allowed the excuse of man’s unaccountability before God. The theme running behind Augustine’s works was the sovereign God of grace and sovereign grace of God that implies God’s freedom to act without external necessity. God’s grace, according to Augustine, incarnated in Jesus Christ is imminent in Holy Spirit in the Church. His journey to search God involves the search of the unanswered questions which concerned salvation of man from his damned position through God’s grace. His entire genius was invested in searching his concerns.

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