Essay: Pros and Cons of Garbage Collector

Essay: Pros and Cons of Garbage Collector
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Garbage collection appears to be very useful technique of memory management as the developer is not needed to remain alarmed for releasing memory every time and worry for lifespan of objects. The API can be employed with certain collectors which are used with normal allocators. The downsides of garbage collectors embrace that while releasing of memory, collectors do not let anyone interfere and it is noticeably sluggish as compared to other techniques of memory management. Garbage collection sometime causes serious errors. Improper renewals of pointer values can cause memory leaks and when idle variables are forgotten to be reassigned with null (Insolvibile, 2003).

As generational garbage collectors hardly hold any dead objects and permanent objects hold the dead objects forever or on permanent basis. On this fact Mr. Boehm has emphasized on the use of conservative collectors because they have convenient interoperability and cheap compiler to collector interface. Boehm also signifies its usability with C and C++ languages. Boehm says that nominal conservative gc helps to resolve this problem as heap can easily give type information from the top of the heap which is necessary at function calls (Boehm, 2004).


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