Essay: Protection from Power Failure

Essay: Protection from Power Failure
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Power failures, though don’t occur often, but when they do, they cause significant headaches for companies running servers. A sudden loss of power can not only cause loss of data due to hardware damage, it would also cause loss of business opportunities as well, as customers could be seeking immediate help.  Therefore, a number of solutions are by companies providing online services to ensure the availability of their services under these circumstances.


Almost all organization providing online services use Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to guarantee uptime for their servers. The use of UPS will ensure availability of service at all time as well as offer protection of data from corruption due to sudden power loss. The use of UPS is often backed up in many companies by electricity Generators which provide cover to long term power failures (Naval Technology Inc., 2006).

Phases in Implementation of Service

The first step in implementing the recommended solution presented in this paper is to make sure the company is ensure measures for security and availability are already in place (Brookes, 2008). The next step would be the creation of server system with configuration based on the recommendation provided in this paper as well as the services required to provide secure services through Internet connectivity.  Once all the system and services are in place, the server testing phase should begin. This phase should comprise of using various testing techniques in order to benchmark the performance of service locally and remotely. This phase will ensure quality of the service once it goes commercial. Once all the testing has been completed, the service would be ready for commercial launch which would be followed by maintenance phase (Myers, Badgett, Thomas & Sandler, 2004).

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