Essay: Providing Connectivity to the Client

Essay: Providing Connectivity to the Client
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Providing connections through the Internet to customer, would obviously involve securing the connection because of the reason that private and confidential information may travel over the network which should be protected from the being read by anyone other than the intended receiver. Furthermore, due to dynamic addressing on the Internet, the server may have different addresses at different time, which would require a customer to connect to different addresses at all time.

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The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a variety of services which can facilitate the company in providing its services to its client. These services include addressing services such as static IP service and private network connectivity services such as Virtual Private Network. By providing Static IP service, an ISP assign an IP address to the PC connected to the Internet on permanent basis. This will facilitate the use of a domain name by the company, which would be much easier for its client to remember and connect to, for registering their complaints.  By using the Virtual Private Network, the company’s personnel would be able connect to the client PCs in a more secure way and thus the customer would be much more willing to share their private information



Security of the Server

All PC that are connected to public networks, such as the Internet, should have some security measures in order to protect them from attacks from the public networks. These attacks include viruses, worms, and Trojans as well as security breaches done by exploiting the vulnerabilities in the operating system which could result in loss of confidential information as well money. This holds true for company’s server PC as well. A number of measures are taken by webhosting companies to provide protection for application and websites that they host. These measures are also recommended for the companies’ server to protect it from such attacks. A brief description is provided below.


Use of Firewall and Anti Virus Applications on Server PC

The installation of a good firewall and anti-virus application on the server PC, can offer significant protection against external attacks. The anti-virus application offers protection against infection of viruses, worms and Trojans that are detected on any device attached to the system. The firewall application, on the other hand, provides protection and acts as a damage limiter by controlling the access of application and services to available resources. A number of anti-virus and Firewall applications are also available free of cost and can be instantly downloaded from the Internet.


The firewall and anti-virus applications though offer protection against external attacks, but since they are dependent on operating system for providing their services, anybody  that can gain access to the operating system can disable them, thus nullifying there protection. Therefore, additional protection should be provided to the server PC by installing a firewall device on the connection which leads to the Internet. This firewall device works by controlling the traffic to and from the server PC, accepting connections with certain parameters while refusing others. These parameters are set when the firewall is configured after it has been connected to server and the Internet. The presence of firewall enhances the protection offered by security application on the server PC and significantly reduces the risk of attacks in most cases.

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