Essay: Psychological Problems Associated with Obesity

Essay: Psychological Problems Associated with Obesity
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When talking about the psychological problems associated with obesity it is important to note the views of society on this condition. Obesity has a negative stigma in society. Obese people are often the subject of ridicule in both the media and in real life. These facts often translate into increased problems faced by children during their pre-teens and adolescence. The Psychological problems stem from the individuals self image of them. Often times they will blame themselves for their condition and become depressed.

This depression can be exacerbated by the social conditioning of other children to view obesity in a negative connotation. They will often bully or make fun of them and discriminate against them causing social problems later on in their life. Approximately 60 percent of Obese children between the ages of 6-10 have at least one cardiovascular risk fact while 25 percent have two or more such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure or insulin resistance (Institue of Medicine of The National Academies, 2004). Obese children are five times more likely to avoid participating in school physical activities and have lower social, emotional and academic prowess. Additionally when compared with children of normal weight, obese children are far more likely to be overweight when they become adults.

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