Essay: Public Support for the Arts and its Social Values

Essay: Public Support for the Arts and its Social Values
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Since mankind began, art always has been with human history.  Until the middle age, art activities had not aimed at art itself but used as the expression of piety and propaganda advocating ruling authorities or ruling religions. Also, in the medieval times, the status of artists had not been more than craftsmen, not until they became born again as ‘artists’ through the age of Renaissance.

It was since the eighteenth century when the concept of art started to be defined and classified as in the modern sense, until then art had been understood mainly as having a meaning of techniques and skills. By the understanding of intrinsic meaning of art, artist’s personal talent and capacity has attracted attention and been accepted by supporters and art lovers. Therefore, it was possible that patrons valued the artists’ abilities and supported their place or activities. The word, ‘patron’ means ‘a person who support’ which came from Latin word, ‘father’. Oxford English Dictionary defines patron as ‘an individual or organization that support and protect various organizations and activities materially and mentally. Today, like the meaning of patron, there are a lot of subjects of supporting arts which include private individuals, oraganisation or enterprise, and even the country.

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