Essay: Pulmonary Effects of Smoking Marijuana

Essay: Pulmonary Effects of Smoking Marijuana
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It must be acknowledged that the legality of Marijuana though in question by the federal government will bring in much tax revenue to these states. Additionally the standardization of the drug in these states will ensure that people who buy it are not only putting money into the tax revenue stream but also buying a product which meets safety standards and has fewer contaminants which can cause susceptible diseases (, 2009). There are several countries in Europe which have legalized Marijuana and found that its legality has positive effects on society ( , 2001). In contrast there were 734,000 people arrested in the United States in the year 2000 in relation to Marijuana related crimes ( , 2001).

Research into the use of Marijuana has shown that it can have the same effects on an individual’s brain as that of a long term drug usage. Additionally the New England journal of Medicine has found that the pulmonary effects of smoking Marijuana can be even more than smoking tobacco. However, it must be considered that the legalization of Marijuana can put limitations on its usage in society and can also inform the public to keep such safety concerns in mind by pursuing further research which is not biased due to the viewpoint of the federal government (Wu, Tashkin, Djahed, & Rose, 1988).

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