Essay: Purpose of Prisons in the US Justice System

Essay: Purpose of Prisons in the US Justice System
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Nowadays prisons in the United States operate under the same basic framework that was initiated by the UK in the 18th century, although the prison system was not very usable by the justice system of UK.  Unlike the huge difference between the capital and corporal sentencing, there is a very little difference between the American and English correctional system.

Death sentencing or capital punishment was more often utilized by the American courts as compared to the English courts. It is highly a misconception that the capital punishment or death sentencing has been lifted as the time passed by but it still exists and is carried out as much today. Retaliation was seen against physical torture, damage at that time also and are seen presently as well.

It is generally understood the concept of the prison system in any part of the world that it is to safeguard the public community and punish offenders of the law. Punishment can be given in any manner possible but to keep things in form and for the sake of social respect, the major part of the punishments is provided by the Criminal Justice System. Prisons are considered to seize people who have offended law in any manner possible. Prisons are planned to hold offenders or felons and similar people who have committed an offense. There are different levels of prisons for a different level of crimes. These range from minimum to super maximum prisons. The latter one is used for offenders who have sustained to consign crimes following their time in prisons or who stanched the most monstrous crimes.

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