Essay: Qualities embodied by entrepreneurs

Essay: Qualities embodied by entrepreneurs
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It is difficult to categorize or quantify how qualities related to entrepreneurship originate in individuals. There have been several studies which have attempted to differentiate the individual traits which set entrepreneurs apart from everyone else. A recent study which considered the spheres of influence that may be the foundations of entrepreneurial behavior in individuals found that, entrepreneurship depends on four individual factors. The first is the person himself.

When we speak of this, we of course refer to the personality traits that define the person. While different schools of thought give credence to different theories regarding how people gain these traits. Some say that a person is simply born with them, while others saying that they can learn them along the way. It is undeniable however those certain personality traits are essential for any entrepreneurship and it is because of these traits that these individuals find success. Some of these aforementioned traits include, a drive to succeed, persistence despite disappointment, self belief and determination, ability to seek opportunities, while understanding and managing risks. Other qualities include a penchant for innovation, as well as having an understanding the need for precision while working towards larger goals.

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