Essay: Quality and Patient Safety

Essay: Quality and Patient Safety
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In the “Quality and Patient Safety” area, more than a few developments have been noted.

Compared to earlier years, there had been:

  • A decrease in rate of incidence of diseases
  • Rate of returning patients fell from 7% to 4%,
  • A decline in infectivity rates from 3% to 1%,
  • Patient length of stay fell by 6 days,
  • An augment in common every day patient assistance by 9%.  (Meliones, Ballard, Liekweg, & Burton, 2001)

In one focus area that was the intensive care unit, output of satisfaction has increased by 10%, when hospital rate of discharge and intensive care admissions were reviewed. The internal process perspective created a change in the overall perspectives of DCH. There was a 26 percent development in times of patient discharge from the hospital and 10% development in intensive care. On the other hand patient contentment scores surpassed the objectives; the quantity of inpatients saying that the hospital was excellent went up as compared to previous years.

This PI framework called BSC can be included and utilized to attain a major development in recital. For these results to be attained, the organizations need to make use of methodical approaches that associate the power of an exact structure in a precise crisis. The BSC is a system that combines strategic plans and recognizes areas of prospects.

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