Essay: Quality and Supply Chain Management Services

Essay: Quality and Supply Chain Management Services
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The quality in a company is dependent on several variables which include motivated employees, state of the art technology and process design. Employee motivation is most important as technology and design is useless without well trained highly motivated employees. Several companies in have achieved higher quality by restructuring the design process and examples of these companies include Ford and Black and Decker (Guile & Quinn, 1988). Alternatively Nintendo separated its quality division as a separate entity to ensure high quality through employee satisfaction and motivation (Ashcraft, 2009).


Federal Express provides four main supply chain management services which include critical inventory logistics, fulfillment services, transportation management and healthcare shared network. When there is a lack of cost, resources and skills in a company or a company cannot access certain geographical regions it outsources the supply chain process to other companies. Companies are motivated to outsource supply chain management to improve the supply chain performance, cost reduction and service quality (FedEx, 2009).

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