Essay: Quantitative Research and Their Advantages

Essay: Quantitative Research and Their Advantages
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The differences that arise from the two different research methods are generally based on the concept of reliability and validity. Whereas primary research can give greater insight into the needs and demands of the consumers or field of interest, by allowing the researcher to create a need and demand based document whose inherent purpose of research is constricted to whatever points that are useful to his research, it is not always so in the case of secondary research.Here, the scenario may be different, for the information that is provided might not be of the precise nature that the researcher requires. This can take many forms. One of the most concurrent is the fact that the geographic area might differ, or the culture would be of another sort. This may result in the data being seriously flawed objectively for somebody else. However, one needs to also realize that if information is readily present, and also valid to the research, it can help save a lot of time and energy as well as act as a relief financially. For the costs of carrying out primary research can be disadvantageous, for geographical, financial and mobility restraints can set in, and for a research project that may require an immediate addressing, it can become quite inconvenient.

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