Essay: Quantitative Research; Their Advantages/Disadvantages

Essay: Quantitative Research; Their Advantages/Disadvantages
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Primary research can take many different forms. From a quantitative point of view, the methods used here can be through interviews, sampling, surveying and studies. For this, another issue that arises is the number or the size of the sample that needs to be tested or surveyed. For that, it becomes necessary to quantify the purpose of the research and the geographical extent and the nature of the study in question.For instance, to determine the effects of teaching French verbs in Japan and in France can yield a very different result since, in one country it is the national language and in the other country it is not. Carrying out a world wide survey will only result in a loss of time and money. Therefore, choosing a sample and the size of that sample will depend invariably on the nature of the field on which the study is being conducted.

This can be conducted through personal interviews or questionnaires. However, yet another problem arises. While carrying out quantitative research it becomes near impossible to measure the exact nature of human behavioural patterns in a mathematical form. This is because, as most behavioural sciences experts argue, there is no measure present that can compute and allocate such a value on human and animal behaviour, for the nature of no two living creatures is exactly alike to be replicated on a mathematical chart. Therefore, the argument that stands is that the results may be prejudiced or biased in nature, and may differ from the results of another researcher.

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