Essay: Quantitative Research; Advantages/Disadvantages

Essay: Quantitative Research; Advantages/Disadvantages
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The answers of the people or the target audience may differ when the answers that they provide are not true or biased, which would lead to a misrepresentation of the of the entire population, resulting in a majorly prejudiced strife in the study that has been carried out.This may result in the entire core fundamentals of the study being warped enough to prove results that can sometimes have devastating effects. This is especially true in the field of health and medicine, where if the results that are the outcome of tests subjected on a small sample are not precise, the marketing and supplying of medicines to a larger market may lead to serious health issues and deaths. Or, if a new theory is founded on the basis of how physical punishment can enhance student grades by only sampling a very small number of students without giving the subject its due attention, the results can most certainly be disastrous.

Furthermore, in quantitative research the questions that are usually asked have the tendency to be close ended and forced and to the point to achieve the closest most accurate answer. This may result in the study being too distant. That is, the answers can be warped by the researcher to one that reflects in a particular manner his own expertise or opinion, creating a bias. Therefore the researchers are required to maintain a certain distance between themselves and the field that they are researching so that they maintain an objective point of view.

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