Essay: Quantitative Research Methods

Essay: Quantitative Research Methods
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This is then followed by quantitative methodology of research where it is stated that it follows the systematic or rather an empirical investigation into discovering the properties and thus the relationship between variables and the effect of one on another.This therefore is established by the use of mathematical tools, mainly of the sort where various models and theories are proved by hypothesis and testing to explain or pinpoint out the phenomena. This therefore becomes the centre and focal point in the study of quantitative research where a relationship is created between the empirical observation and then the mathematical expression of those observations in order to express the quantitative relationship between those variables, such as the ratio of how students perform academically to the assignments and class reports they submit on time.

A thorough and detailed study of 1274 articles published in the top two leading American sociology journals between the years 1935 and 2005 came to the conclusion that approximately two thirds of these articles used quantitative methods to come to their findings and discoveries. (Hunter, Laura and Erin Leahey. 2008. “Collaborative Research in Sociology: Trends and Contributing Factors”. American Sociologist 39:290–306)

Quantitative methods are much more objective than qualitative methods. That is because they are based on a positivism perspective and integrally systematic in nature. This means, in essence, the information gathered through another research on the same data should more or less convey the same findings and results in order for them to be directly comparable.

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