Essay: Quantitative Research And Statistics

Essay: Quantitative Research And Statistics
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As the study or survey is of a statistically selected random set of people, the results can be used as an indicator of a larger or more generalized population parameter, and not stringently to only a select few. This can save on time and money, and can provide clearer and more precise results as compared to a study that uses a qualitative approach, where the results are usually subjective in nature, since the researchers own point of view is taken into account and proven or otherwise.

This therefore works towards achieving the goal of removing any holistic fallacies that may spring up.To undertake quantitative research many different statistical and otherwise methods are used that can be calculated against and upon. According to the research carried out by Ray Poynter (The Future Place, 2009) he states all the major quantitative techniques that are used by various marketing companies etc.  Taking his research into consideration that spanned over 138 researchers from over 35 countries, it was established that the most common and popularly used method was the correlation method, that was used an almost 78% times.

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