Essay: Quitting Tobacco Addiction

Essay: Quitting Tobacco Addiction
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Quitting tobacco addiction is not as easy as most people think. Some of the symptoms of quitting smoking include coughing, insomnia, and overeating (SirGan). To avoid having to go through an excruciating rehabilitation process, people should never start smoking or quit in the present rather than procrastinate.

Regarding the arguments of the advocates of tobacco consumption, several rebuttals are possible to negate their claims. Their argument regarding that of smoking being a personal choice is easily refuted. Tobacco contains addictive components – that is a fact. Also, as most people start smoking or chewing tobacco in their early or teenage years as impressionable youths, it is not a case of what these people think as it is a case of what these industrialists make them think by using popular advertisements or celebrities lighting Marlboros.

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